Rev. Lightbringer's Snaps

Left In The Cold...
Universal Rev.
Giddy Up!
Glitch Subliminal Message? You Be The Judge!
Oof! Anyone Have Any Prunes?
Hearts <3
ehmergherd ! nernjers
Pirate Vs. Ninja
Shoplifting At Sauces
Mastermind Havok Plays Possum To Throw Off The Lurking Ninjas
The Unsuspecting Havok Walks Right Into A Trap
Bat Child Getting Captured Deep In Cave
Pulling Hair Out For a Few Minutes
The Sacred Chicken Is Safe, For Now..
Varaeth Jumping A Comet
You Can't See Me
Frozen Inside An Icicle
Even Jason Is Susceptible To Freddy While AFK
Jason Vs. Freddy
Ancient Marital Law Dictates!
Do It Already
All Things Lose Definition Eventually, Or Maybe Never!
The Juju that got me Honorable Robber Ducker
Holy Greets
Insanely Hi
Glitch Uber HaXXoR L337
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