Frotzenjammer's Snaps

And the sun started to approach the horizon...
They told me Amtrak was the only way to go...
Pardon me Roy...
New Jersey Transit eat your heart out!
Well now what?
Well that's unexpected.
Suddenly love!
There's a nice breeze up my trousers.
It turns out there were an unreasonable amount of pumpkins.
A legitimate question...
Why don't I get a foxhole?
with the sound of something...
Or don't.
Would you like to buy some ice cubes?
I thought I saw something, but it moved so fast.
Total surprise.
Kowabunga, baby!
"Sometimes it felt as if one's entire world were one long...
Definitely forgot my keys. Where are my keys?
Oh hi!
When caught out, go 19th century indignant on them.
This is the spot where a nice lady gave me a potato. I shall...
I'm just shucking yellow crumb flowers until the Yellow Crumb...
Seriously, where?
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