Maruchan's Snaps

Backyard camping with Magic Rock :))
Wild Antique Spigot sighting!
Creative, cheerful addition to the landscape - the more I travel...
New Upgrades: Surprise Snot Exit (equipped with random surprised...
My Neighbour Totoro!!!!!!!!!! \(^ A ^ )/
Tiny Traiiin!
Snorlax, I choose you!
Nice breezy stroll with random piggy :))
This. ;__;
Just logged in,and O.o||| *someone* really likes milking...
Butterfly Stick placed at a roomy spot on my street, in case...
Cheese, and the final frontier...
X marks the spot...
Trying on the Rare Item: Hoggosaurus Mask - available at a...
Chilling out
Thank you for croaking! XD
Lovely. Too lovely. :))
Simply fantastic! *leaps* :DD
Lobby at Errata Stigmata's Tower: So.Pretty.
IImenskie Jones and the Fields of Yellow Crumb :D
One charming forest...
Great tower layout, and I particularly like this floor. Excellent...
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