malo's Snaps

home :)
Hurry Up Please
Hearts @ u 2
To Glory we Ride!
How we used to have to collect water back in the day.
Of course, Bill. That's just what the world needs-more literate...
...almost afraid to remove my hat to see if I have a massive scar...
Cthulhu and Hastur out on a stroll
The Sno-Bunny coffee table looks like a crib to me, so first run...
Just fetch my towel...
Yes, it's THAT cold.
Thank you Mab
I can just hear Sir David lovingly describe the ins-n-outs of...
daaaaaw :)
Here they receive the supplication of a dead man's hand under the...
Somewhat apropos
Rook omelette
piggah is tickling me :)
one of my favorite spots
Sure they laughed when I first traded off the cow, but looka my...
One last look at the old homestead
sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright, the bridall of the earth...