CrazedOne's Snaps

one last trip to spideys floor..
Thanks for the Ass!! I absolutely loved it!!
divine intervention
Yet another reason ill miss the artistic people who play glitch.
I managed to get some of it?? What is this treasure trove????
the end is neigh
ruuun!! Clones!!!
Such beauty...ahhhh
Cubi art in the form of...
Awwww sooo cute!
Dinosaur Colon rides!!! YAY!!
Spidey Memorial Floor
Spiderman's Memorial Floor
Glitchy Boudoir
Gitchy House
Interior decorating consulting... (Fyxxen is the bomb)
damn he found me again
One day we'll miss the times we spent laughing and crying, living...
Underwater Rube
Rube shows up in the forest??
Such beauty!!! Such bliss!! ahhhhhh
I did it!! woo hoo!
7th floor!! Patient beds opening soon!!
Chilling with the homies after a day at the salon..
Wow now we can get all the machines going at once Woo hoo!
Finally... A place where most will feel at home...
Wow real or imaginary....
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