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All packed up and trying to convince my Butler that I can, AND WILL, be taking EVERYTHING with me.
Brib Annie
I want to do that too!
10 years ago
Where did you get the boxes?
10 years ago
Lola Munchkin
What an AWESOME idea!!! LOL First time anything has made me laugh in days! Thank you
10 years ago
Love the face! Poor butler, so confused.
10 years ago
Pale Queen
Those Arcade Fire CD's were totally his, you meanie.
10 years ago
Osiris ?
HAhaha Jesus, you are my homie
10 years ago
While others were off selling or giving away all their worldly possessions and heading for hilltops to sit in silent, sad reflection, Jesus Christ was secretly executing plan B.
10 years ago
The expression on your face made me rofl:)
10 years ago
LOL. Priceless.
10 years ago
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