Liza Throttlebottom's Snaps

Still bittersweet on try number 2 O:
Love in the endtimes :( Bittersweet.
Sexy sexy love times.
This looks like it's gonna be pretty freaky ;)
Stupid flying pigs. I think my shelf is broke xP
Well. I just got stuck in my attic. This hasn't happened in ages!...
Fucking pigs. Don't appreciate being born into this world!
sOmETHIng spOOkY UP hEerE!
What am I witnessing right now....?
Conducting stoot against his will!
Party with the dinosaur mouth!
And then... I woke up like this!
Me and Amelia-Fae platonically honeymooning in the Carribean on...
I'm feeling less platonic all of a sudden.
Yannow, I never really noticed how nice Footlands Heath is!
Justa... Clingin to this ladder here. With... My backtentacles....
Loupin in crow, Amelia womannin' the Quarterdeck. Anda me...
Argh... It feels like home it does. What I wouldn't give for a...
Aren't the yellow flowers awesome?
Pool party at Lou's house!
And then this happened.
This one's a bit more disordered! Part tres!
Woodworker action part deux!
Woodworker superassembly :D
Got me a new photoshootin' area in my house :) Gonna haveta start...
I don't have a problem!
I want a postcard with that view on it. Very nice.
Gaze over the forest and the forest gazes back at you.
Just close your eyes... And jump.
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