Djabriil's Snaps

The Rapture. The final one.
Me and my sweet, foggy butler Beng. I'm gonna miss Beng.
On my friend onizuka83's street. He hasn't been around in a long...
What's that line from Roadside Picnic? Something about how...
MIGHTY TRISOR! We humble ourselves before thee, a third and final...
Cubimal wrasslin' 2.
Cubimal wrasslin'.
Goodbye, Timtim Timm :,(
Kinda warm around here for knitted goods, I'd think...
At the Mouth of Sadness.
Stinks in here...
Makes me wish wish I could rub his belly.
I want one of these, for real-style.
Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb?
Like the inside of a fire-escape chute.
Up the pooper, to be crass.
Hunting an alien in an air-duct with a flame-thrower. Or...
At the bottom of a well.
Let sleeping dinosaurs (and Glitchen) lie...
Staring at the Sea.
Have a hanky, buddy.
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