jiva's Snaps

aw... Loupin used my gifts well. Lovely grotto
the love is so strong.
it was the best of times... the end of times.
nakey attack
Toxic, but fun. Oh yeah.
moon? which one?
caaaaaaan you feeeeeelll the lufff tooooniiiight. *sings*
Poor Stubby. So very very cold.
aha! so gnomes come from here?
no secret place here.....
comfort, although I chose wonder..
ground floor selling stuff.
a monkey, two tiny people and someone naked walk in to my house....
O mah giants!
chickens and pickes like stars.
gowendolyn kindness.
Subway teleporting team
showing my love for the big G
i'm so small... world so big.
scary glitches changing.
through the glass he sees the whole of UR.
take me to your giant!
tiiiiinnnnnyyy! YAY!
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