flask's Snaps

o, my giants, ever i did love you and thus i ever will.
old friends
so, uh, hey, how's it goin' for you, potatao guy?
this eggplant is where i got my last egg, while we were building...
accidental snapshot. lovely for that.
we were just passing through...
today is a good day to die.
it never stops being beautiful.
so that's where she keeps all the paper!
yes, but faulty ones.
sounds like a challenge to me...
looking into the distance
just stand and face it.
the future!!
hey, is that a urinal? do we get dali and duchamp?
it appears to be some kind of club or something.
that bluebetsy. such a joker.
i was so busy looking at the stars i did not see the critters.
games of chance are trisor's tool.
i look kind of nice in this spot...
sad bog tree...
scavenger hunt: jal
scavenger hunt: groddle heights
scavenger hunt: jethimadh tower
scavenger hunt: floor seven
scavenger hunt: pollokoo
scavenger hunt: choru
scavenger hunt: nottis
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