Is it any wonder I couldn't find the 3rd green bag that I dropped down from the 2nd storey
Zany Serendipity
Took me a minute to see it, too!!
11 years ago
Catholic Joy
I'm forever leaving things IN the cabinets & forgetting where. This is in my gaming worlds & in rl. Glad you found it though.
11 years ago
Every day in Live Help there's someone panicking and absolutely certain that a bag/item has been lost in their house. They say they've searched and they're absolutely certain that the bag is no longer on the premises.
Every time a member of staff goes to check and the bag is there somewhere.
Yesterday I almost was that person. I searched high and low, I searched the corners, I searched outside. Eventually I walked the length of the room, pressing enter every couple of feet to see if it was hiding behind something... and that's how I eventually discovered its hiding place.
I'll be able to empathize better next time someone loses something!
11 years ago
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