Eriol's Snaps

Some deep talking with the bartener...
Always good. Always Civility.
Group sneeze!
Wheeeee~! :D
This place is so cute! I would love to live here!
Oh? A campfire?...Where's Smokey when you need him?
Oh me, oh my...
QQ in Limbo? That's unheard of! o:
Breakfast! Yaaay!
I believed the skies were doorways home...
omg this place is adoraburu...
Bye Gwendolyn, it was good while it lasted
One more, for a wallpaper :P
My goodness! This place is awesome!
There, this one is not blurry~
Heh, don't even know how it got blurry like this :P
Well, this is new...
When the information comes we'll know what we are made from...
And the beast was grateful...
Ahhh, nothing like a good amount of sulfur for your lungs in the...
I like this place! Very wood looking~
Oh so pretty~
Um...ehh...uhh...h....hi there...
Nothing illegal here...Nope! Nothin'!
When the Magic Rock gives you that look and you feel a chill down...