Rook's Snaps

Face of many aces.
Alrighty, it's been an hour. How long do I have left to stand...
The guide who helped me start many things indirectly.
Oppa Gangnam Style
I'm not sure how closing my eyes will help me find it.
Better pull it, Mickey Mouse is getting tired.
I'm going to jump to the other side! DWTD P2
Dumb ways to die.... [song]
I finally found one! Seems pettable.
Still single :(
To the tent!
That seems a bit taller than before!
Jal mehi janth oupaaeian thinaa bh rojee dhaee
Thank you!!!!
BAMF Sample 1
Will move to the forums after enough has been discussed here.
Oh, the irony.
An alternative method to collecting guano.
Piggy 'nibbling' for those without AK Skills.
You'll never get me Lucky Charms!
I just want to stand here and say, "Yeah, Glitches!" -...
Insert Clever Caption
The regenerating tubby toast.
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