Fyo hires a spokeschicken
Just wait till I make you walk to Ceb and yell out who your favorite cock is...
12 years ago
"We’re the best animal packers in the world! I packed more animals than Noah! But the most dangerous animal to pack is the fighting rooster, what we call in the Philippines the cock! It’s a very dangerous animal because there’s a sharp blade on the ankle. But you just can’t pick up that cock, you just can’t grab that cock right away. You have to confuse it, confuse that cock, you have to confuse. So we have to put it in the bag or a sack. So we are the best cock sackers in the world!!!"
-- Rex Navarette, SBC Packers
12 years ago
Voluptua Sneezelips Voluptua Sneezelips snapped this
at 8:15pm on October 23, 2012
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