katyroo's Snaps

Neighbors are the best part of Glitch!
Glitchmas cracker!
loving Glitch at the end of the world
Follow me, cubimals! Out into Ur once again!
Sent the chickens out into Ur, butterflies soon
Unbounded favor from the Giants - and so much imagination!
So many wonderful things found and collected in Ur
Admiring the artifacts by a cozy fire...
with my darling botler, Bardle
Glitch pals on the shore ... last sunset of Ur will come too soon.
Captains of A Floating City
At Arethusa's tower
GFJ with over 100 Glitchen!
Groddle Forest Junction - party night
Partying to the finish
in the Vortex of Random... a Forehorseman in Mental Space!
Over in Sura.
even in Bortola!
in the Ancestral Lands, end-days fever continues...
The end is neigh...
"Coming soon"? when is sooon? like.... never?
Forehorseman! on BoanStravenue
Playing glitch, waiting for fuelmaker to finish working
Forehorseman! in Tii Street
Grampa Roots always did hate having his photo taken.
Dang! My eyes are always closed in these old family photos!
Sure, Rube...
Gotta love the Bubble Trees.... and the QQs!
flask's oh-so-airy temple in tower's top floor
Just playin' Glitch, watching Craftybot work.... or not work
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