Anthropocene's Snaps

t-3.5 hours. the end is neigh. even the piggies are sad
The Gnome and Me making faces at each other with my butterfly...
My gnome, powered by Noah
The back yard
Home Sweet Home
Pigs playing poker
I got the Glitch Itch
I still wish there had been a manhole for the ceiling too
What could be more fun than a bowlful of Seamonkeys
Green Eggs and Ham
Sno Cone Assembly Station
So many Stoots!
First thing I saw after restarting my browser after it sat there...
ooh purple!
Mini me
Its hard to tell but he's bouncing. cuuute!
Grandma Juju's paper soup isn't good enough for her ingrate...
I'm going to miss sneezing out beans. NOT!
Amost forgot this feeling of stillness
Shiverings Isles
Come on in, the lava's fine
psycho therapy, psycho therapy, psycho therapy, that's what they...
Mental Space
Firebog Deeps
Weird food does not taste like chicken
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