Polytropic's Snaps

cat cat
They should have
That's..not normal..
Aww. :c
What's this?
...even multiple giant pumpkins!
It's Zilloween and I have brought the bats and giant glitchy evil...
My take from Jal tonight: 20 salmon and two boots. Inspecting...
Just got my second doll from the Rube today! Nietzche for an...
'You danced with a Maintenance Bot.' ...regret
For the first day of the new feature, I got bats! Pretty sure...
This is like that one nightmare about the tetris that killed people
...Did I just join a gang?
Let's go for a walk in the Forest of Death and Blood!
Stop following me in the forest!
I have no idea why there are letters floating over people.
What a strange place for me to leave food. I must be getting...
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