mostlyArmless' Snaps

Fridge Logic trumps Comic Book Logic.
Just TAKE one...
The moral of the story.
Comic book logic solves everything!
Nooo! His minions are compelling conversationalists!
What's its name? How should I know...
GreenLantern will get to the bottom of this!
NNNNNGGGGHHHHH... can't reach... Popeye, why have you abandoned me!?
...and then we walked five miles... and then we turned left......
Oh... so that's where my keys were.
GYAH! That's nasty! Like a subway threw up on a sidewalk!
Ahh... I probably shouldn't...
Huh. Wonder what that thing tastes like...
Won't somebody PLEASE think of the piglets!? D:
*ping* OW!
...any questions?
This is the same situation as the previous snap, except now your...
This is your Glitch being a pedantic smartass on drugs.
This is drugs.
This is your Glitch.
Rainbow Gas is best Pony
Pffft. Intent to distribute. What does that even mean, anyway?
Yeeep, that was 20,000 iMG well-spent!
Here lies Lily 1D...
Here lies xLIFEx. We really should have seen this one coming.
Wow. Just look at all that empty space. I wonder what I'll...
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