Brandi's Snaps

craziness happening on kukubee's home street! :D
Closing my eyes! G-g-ghosssssst! O.o
All dressed up for the Winter Wingding party!
Will the real kukubee please stand up? ;D
Loving this kukubee tribute! Should I be offended by how many...
Smiling because kukubee makes this 'Caramel Brownie Explosion' in...
First time in Hell since it was only one street! :D
Always the center of attention, kukubee! ;D
Want to steal the fluffy bunny from kukubee's Hall of Rejected...
Let's play "Where is kukubee?" :D
And then something went terribly wrong...
One kukubee for sale! 50 currants, yo. Not responsible for...
This has to be against some kind of health code. Haha! So. Many....
Best Friends.
Someone left a slew of dongly-named butterflies at Kukubee's house!
Rock is too busy to celebrate Zilloween with butler and I!
Patiently awaiting the Great Pumpkin...
So. Happy.
My Rock made a beer run, apparently...
We're playing with booze and chickens tonight!
With kukubee...behind a box! O.o
Historic first "LOL" with my Magic Rock. He's a cool guy!
My witch doctor home! :D
Nice, uh...banana, kukubee?