Jennyanydots' Snaps

Goodnight Bear, goodnight Stoot, goodnight house and all of its...
There's no place like home!
Next to my jumping-stump in Scaup Low, the only street project I...
OMG what is happening to meeeeee?
Wait, no. THIS is Glitch!
...and from here, I return to Earth...
This is Glitch. I love it. I will miss it dearly.
Going so far away...
And Glitch helped light up mine.
And on that night, a nekkid buttfeathered Glitchen was born...
Herding cats, goodness.
Lobes for the greeter crew!
Yep, that's what most of y'all sound like to me...
But it's not the 21st yet! Crazy horse!
C'mon, kitty, we're gonna be lucky today! Mab said so!
Monitoring the bunch of lowlifes on the Group W bench
I love these guys so much!
We will play ball all the time, little Purrydots!
She's a chameleon heli-kitty!
My last "unvisited street" Qurazy Quoin!
For later decoration.
Now class.... If someone asks you if you are a god, you say...?
So many tributes...
It's a Yeti-fall!
These. I want THESE.
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