PTB3's Snaps

Yep, stoot came to Jess's party. I expected her to faint.
Kip and I have eerily similar Zilloween costumes.
I knew I had a lot of piggies, but wow!
Hugs for Bachjess, Our Civilty Leader who is on vacation from...
I'm stuuuuuuuck!
I guess the Rube likes Uncle Friendly's prices too.
Yay Top Floor being "outside"
Civ Tower Celebration Pumpkin Ale Jump
It's a bit hard to customize when I can't see :(
The start of the Civility Tower
Jess building the Civility Tower on her street.
Tower Completion Presents from my AMAZING friends in Civility!
Butterflies and Batterflies in harmony...?
Good news, the frogs come to unfinished tower floors :)
There are people in Ur! Get out there and play :)
Serenity Now
Just me and the chickens on one edge of the world.
Everyone is jumping on my bed getting it dirty!
Chicken Explosion from removing a chicken stick
Finally found unnnn
the other parts
most of the house
How did I get here?
Plexus Rube
Where did this key come from?!
How am I not falling off?
The Scion of Purple appears at the Purple Party!
Yay Butler Arrival!
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