Naj Newcot's Snaps

Sleepin on the rock, is there anything more classic?
I killed my rock!?
Properly titled.
It's nice to have pets to greet you when you come home.
Herb dreams in a whimsical bedroom...
In memory of those that have come and gone... <3
ROY G Bidk?
How anyone ever gets the star I'll never know! XD
Noooo Chicky! Don't eat that!
Poo on the ceiling! This is going too far!
Apparently I don't throw good parties. XD (Yay new tower!)
Redecorated: More whimsy, more organization. Who knew?
Oh you's guys. <3
Aww. We're soulmates, obv.
(My first) Zilloween in Cebarkul. As usual, Rube tried to crash...
The time has come my minions! Rise up! Rise up and fight!......
Hell: It's qurazy down here.
Can I make this my new home? It matches my outfit. XD
The End: And so, our heroine has returned home at last. Until...
Anticipation: My feet have flown these past few streets.. barn...
The Pass: Hard to believe just yesterday I was up in those...
Downpour: It rained today. I spent most of the day in this cave,...
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