LokiPDX's Snaps

I love hell!
Rube -rook attack!
Oops... NaN... not a number
Pigs in space was far more entertaining
Changed street styles... and my items in the trees now levitate.
nekkid mining! be careful where you swing that pick!
Most my piggies are caught on my stoop!
I just want to shove him off....
what you doin Lx?
woah, basements!
Finally a 3 story house... and an adventursome pig
Will Illmenski survive?
found the box with the rainbows
Getting crazy in hell
The fox sees my headgear, thinks I am a peacock, and pounces on...
Leaving tributes to the rook.
Dying is fun again!
wow, insanity
Size distortions in the enchanted forest
Can't use the storage block above fuel maker
Honey, who shrunk the tomatoes?
In-game "camera" stopped tracking my glitch. I could...
Even the chicks can't cheer Nietzsche up
Celebrating the routes