Galnoir's Snaps

When I first landed in Glitch, the Ancestral Lands were my...
Be afraid, little piggy. Be very afraid.
The loneliness of the empty chicken stick.
Drinking all the Rubeweed Essence.
How do I tell the chickens?
Going into the light.
I can't quit this place.
The crescent moon, the icy lake edged in purple, distant snowy...
Winter in the Urctic--land of perpetual twilight.
Free pies on my street!
Is that a tent? Off to investigate.
Giant ice hand!
All dressed up for Zilloween! I'm Jal.
Absence. Longing. Calmness.
I must have climbed a beanstalk to get here...
Giant chicken headed my way!
Why am I so tiny?
Trying to free the ungrateful jellies.
Just hangin' with my fellow spice plants!
Found a big O all by myself...
Standing stones in my backyard!
Strange place to end up after pouring a door drink!
Wow, extra large firefly!
Love this branch.