Galnoir's Snaps

A fireplace! ::tries to hide it under Tii robes::
A dead end with no visitor stone? Maybe it is going to connect...
A window rock!
How did I get here?
Love this!
Snow cones! Get your snow cones here!
Nice work here!
Accidentally poisoned my egg plant. I am, in fact, feeling a...
Bloody spikes!
Not too shabby.
In Hell?
Getting my street all dressed up for Zilloween.
A hint of moon.
Realizing the potential of the third floor.
Someone's rearranged my letters! Hooligans.
I love my little purple house on my little orange street.
Trying to get out of Ilmenskie without spinach! Argh!
Beyond the moon.
My new favorite spot. If only I could drag my bed up here.
Woohoo! Even better!
Snow in the back yard!
I can climb a tree in my front yard!
Empty Via 1 has no visitor stone--it really is empty.
4 naughty butterflies gone, one good butterfly left.
Aw Hell.
A crack in the sky.
Today's Dollar Store specials: libations!
Might as well, after all, I do have all the skills...
Hunting the Wild Jellisac.