Galnoir's Snaps

The Dollar Store is sold out! Time for new inventory!
New lighting in the Dollar Store!
I like the new couches!
Crazy Gal's Dollar Store! Extremely Limited Quantities!
And an empty room for jumping. Get those jumping badges here!
Watery Fowls--the Firebog Memorial Room, now selling boggy items.
Watery Fowls--lobby. Selling tower-making materials!
Why can't I chop my own balcony? Grrr.
Flipping my hair!
All the machines!
Finally, my very own elevator!
The Firebog Memorial Room.
Tower is up!
The dratted Sofa Pillow is disrupting my symmetry!
Well, that's an odd item to display by the bedside...
The Devil's Qurazy Quoin!
A little silhouetto of a tree.
..and set free.
Trapped by the stick....
Oh no!
I can see the beach! If only I could go to there...
Bridge-over-the-River Quoin.
Whoa--where am i?
To the top.
The most beautiful orange!
What a view!
Aaahh, Monument Valley.....meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Alpine Vista's alpine vista.
Over the trees!
Going towards the light!