Jim Chuck Chuck Jim's Snaps

You spent your time chasing points when you could have been...
The Grendaliniest place to play this conch!
I just want to keep chasing the fish!
Beer and salmon picnic
Enjoying a patch of warmth and light.
I got all the quoins, but I repeat it a few times for the music.
Ixpress Route
Aww, baby gas plants are so cute.
My carved pumpkins say scary things like "Hi".
Aerial totem poles?
Flying hot dog with mustard shoes!
Payday's Zilloween costume
Standing around waiting for Payday's Zilloween costume to activate.
Surprisingly agile piggy.
Standing in my front yard, alone, drinking martinis and racing...
Beautiful, beautiful quoins! (Decent scenery too. I guess.)
"You go first." "No, you."
Wild gully chicken yodels.
I guess they really like that tree.
Masterful fox-stalking.
Cheese plate in the mountains.
"Visitors to Ur will appreciate its extensive public...
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