DOOMy Nutpuncher's Snaps

Yes, I love you all.
End of the World
Hanging with my chicks... one last time.
But i really suck at this!
Awww.... you had to go and make me cry....
I wonder if she'll ever get back with Uncle Friendly.
You bastards... you loveable bastards...
Seriously, neither can I.
There's a chicken in my kitchen...
chillin' in my Purple lounge.
meeting a yoga-practising deliveryfrog in the basement of an...
Ah, I shall miss you too, deliveryfrog...
I'll miss all of this so much...
Evolution. It works, b*tches.
the strett spirit watches you... from your toilet.
more appropriate clothes for my Purple lounge
my Purple lounge
What the...?
Yeti lemmings...
awww kitties
Bloody bureaucrats!
Cubis! Cubis everywhere!
Why are my eyes always closed? Damn.