Not a Princess' Snaps

Neigh indeed.
Hm, the game made this screenshot for me.
Help, I unexpanded my house, and there is a dimensional anomaly...
Finally: Venturing into Interiour Decorating. Ran out of credits,...
The landscapes are getting better and better!
A new tree, in a new land.
Server is about to lose conch-iousness, I suspect (I'd rather not...
Having a music-based quest is rather ironic if one has just...
What on Ur?
My rock is sending me secret messages, I think.
Look, I'm in a story!
A visiting stone!
Where is Bruce? My little cubimal does not know!
Now this is a beautiful garden!
Aww, my new little cubimal. It's broken, but I will still carry...
Money bags! I wish I could just leave them here!
Now for sale: Wall Decorations, can display all the designs shown...
Aww, poor tree. I've never seen one look like this.
Now open: Tool Department!
Someone left me this! Does that mean that someone is sleeping...
Help! The Rubes are out to get me!
New store arrangement - mainly for my own reference.
New store arrangement - mainly for my own reference.
Are you like me and have only two types of SWF? Join the SWF SWap...
Yes, I am!
See that there on the floor, on the right of me? Got it from a...
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