I wonder what that tablet in the background means. "Eye glitch Humbaba?"
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You glitched Humbaba!!!
8 years ago
I actually have a RL degree in archaeology and can confirm it is message from Trisor which translates as 'I slip Humbaba the finger'
Eye = I
Glitch = derives from the German word glitschen aka to slip
Symbol of Humbaba = figure this out on your own kids
and it is on a finger (as evidenced in this other picture: lem.to/p/xilW)

Yes, this is the most I have ever used my degree for
8 years ago
The Hole
Cleops, you are awesome. I am glad you were able to use your college degree to help me decode this glyph. I am also tickled pink that Tiny Speck thought to put this in here!
8 years ago
I heart you, Cleops
8 years ago
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