Beeping Stepper's Snaps

Bathed in light
Clearly someone had to much spice
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet all over again
Or is this the green house, I'm confused
Ah, here we go: Thats the green house of the zoo
Found the empty aquarium of the zoo - anyone mind bringing some...
I thought i already had found the most silent place in this world...
Damn, the most colorful place for sure.
My journey to all the very special places seems almost finished -...
somethings broken here, or is it?
The moon and such sad music, that's almost too much
Finally a place where i can meditate in complete silence - om!
We'll remember
Party in hell
Damn you daily quoin limit!
I'll get there!
I'm not a mouse, being payed with cheese, or am I?
Do I really want to do this?
Stunning interior design in the entrance hall of Cephaloplastica...
Living in minimalistic style, perfect
Jumping around in the sky, of course.
Which one?
Funky, very funky, isn't it?
Learning about the dreadful Rook
first time subway ride!
home sweet home :)