lemoncurry's Snaps

Still haven't solved the mystery of the heart (see...
And this I just stumbled upon...
Stretching up like the hand of a frost giant with... iMG quoin...
Took me forever to get this shot right, but it was so worth it.
O-M-friggin'-G. The art in this game never fails to deliver.
Has a bit of a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' thing going, eh?
Pumpkin party!
Ah Zilloween.... At least flash has only crashed for me once so far.
Check out what I managed to do! But now I'm trapped...
Totally digging the blue flowers.
More lovely landscapes in the new regions.
Finally bothered to do it in order. Worth it.
So pretty...
Wait a minute... Can I see the moon from the moon?
The Holy Quoin.
Yet more pretty scenery. I'm loving the art in this game.
Jessenya seems surprised that beBlueberry is invisible. I am too.
And now I'm stuck here and can't move! Super.
... but at least I can stand on them.
Winter Haven going buggy...
Well this is cheerful.
Broken-heart eyepatch? A different take on Phantom of the Opera?
I may have found my new favourite place.
Heck of a view.
Best spot for tripping on Purple Flower.
<3 rainbows
matrix has a seriously nifty home street.
Ooh, nature...
Shard party in Madhur Hathur.