Dr. Tatanka Pie's Snaps

I can't get to party!
Juju and Glitch harmony
Awww juju grandma
creativity in glitch LOL
last deal with rube :(
Oh snap!
This just makes it sadder- DRAGONS AND BUNNIES????? Only in my...
Nope T_T
3rd floor treasures part two PLUS table with birthday gifts XP
3rd floor Treasures
2nd floor work station
2nd floor emblems
All my first floor SDBs
House entrance
Juju is pisssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddd
Awww Juju, I will miss you most of all.
Just tp'd in here and look who was waiting! LOL
That's my purse!
Pig is in the way of other pumpkin :P
yay that my head turned while taking photo :D
Birthday treasures! YAY!
idk how I am standing on his head???
Animal shenanigans
All this for Kepi so it looked like we were hugging XD
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