Dr. Tatanka Pie's Snaps

stuck stuck stuck STUCK
my old friend the juju
I think only PANsy will get why this is funny XD
HA! Tell that to my badge addiction!
tpd into a tree
There is no Tatanka??????????
I was a good glitch.
my grave o_O
stuck stuck stuck!
BEST DEAL EVER! (until I get a doll)
no you won't! XD
Ooh a yeti!
I feel the same way about you crab!
Thanks Mr. Sloth!
My first House Party
Dear Glitch all I've wanted to do all day is play you. Please...
Squee!!!!!! It's me Mario! I mean Tatanka Pie!
No tool vendor makes me a sad panda
When I bite into a york peppermint patty . . . . . . .
I like pie
My street is DEADLY
Death party on my street
Shady Rube dealings