A Predictable Fate's Snaps

Eat up, Grendaline
I look like I've seen a ghost
I'd hardly done any fox brushing in the game until I needed to...
I tried it but I couldn't get the Rube to jump up and down with me
Black Darth Maul got me squarely in the chest with force lightning
Mabfest: sudv's electric hands
Chest bump!
but I wasn't on his lawn
Trisor dither
A Nakara ghost in Piryan
Grove of the green trees
The magic rock was clearly not amused by my antics
Rube has an extra set of claws!
Hopefully he won't see me if I stay still enough
The first performance was a success!
zee dirty fork
The Urlympic beacon of fireflies. Drop some jars if you have any!
Where's my stuff gone?!
Is this the part where I have to prove my rook fighting mettle?
Watashi ha yomu kotogadekimasen
The Qurazy Quoin was just out of my reach.
Currants are the wise man's religion
prime that shrine
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