Wyatt Taylor's Snaps

Mad piggie
Even the butler thinks my new outfit is stunning :P
You haven't seen my tower yet, Mister Creepy
Creepy looking bartender.......
First time here!!!
The Society of Keen-Eyed Noticers
Triplets Levitation Skilllzzzzzz
Where is Wyatt??
The 'Food Suite'
The 'Uralia Suite'
Reception of 'The Hell-ish Hotel'
Dude, don't let that eye fall on the ground!
Reception is (almost) FINISHED!!!!
View in my street! Love it!
And again, hit by thunder!
Sharding Party!!!!
The Witch Circle of Ur
Twinkle twinkle little star
My new best friend, died in front of me... :'(
Someone is pooping veggies all over the place!!
"No chief minister of the Ur.B.I...... I didn't do...
Very last thing I needed!
Giant firefly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hellish Quoin!!
Nice view!
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