Vic Wu's Snaps

Last tune for a crab.
Last smuggling proposition...turned down. I'm turning over a new...
So modern!
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
Hold that camera still!
So many Stoot dolls. I like the one with a Cubimal over it's face.
You would think by now he would stop showing off his killer yoga.
Package frog hovers as my butler's new face.
The end is neigh!
In Hell it's always Unhappy Hour! :D
My favorite watering hole.
My final judgment....
My #1 Tongue Fan!
This is re-DONG-kulous!
Home Sweet Cluttered Home
Poor bad miner.
Aww, a lonely Stoot doll left behind. :(
Glitchen snake train, trouncing all the foods!
Choo chooo!
Atilla's conga line!
This is what I get for harassing animals.
Warning! Broken! Known bug! What that bug is I have no idea. But,...
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