Zen Biped's Snaps

Last moments
Goodbye Ur! I will miss you!
The spirit of Glitchmas
so THAT'S what they do with my paper!
This is beauty.
This street is naturally gray- no filters added!
Frozen Arch
There was a yeti convention here!
Not your everyday herbs!
Delightfully pretty
THREE portal doors?
A delicious way to die
Upside down pigs? Check. Flying Salmon? Check.
Look at this place, isn't it neat?
Another crab! Perhaps there are more in the ocean areas?
A charming oasis
Scenic View!
Log Bridge!
Underground Mail Road
The heart of Salatu
Scary Place!
But.. But.. I just wanted my completionist badge. :'(
Drifa: where the ice is slippery and the helikitties hover!
Someone call the shrine repair service!
Noo come backkkkkkk!
A suspicious Quoin! What are its secrets?
How did he get there???
Very sad. An Autumn's day.
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