Dr. Babycat's Snaps

Goodnight Ur.
Amazing use of layers...
Kittehs and toilets, oh my!
Heli Kittehs!!!!
Words fail....
Samudra is beautiful!
Goodnight moon.
Me & Mary Louise. I'l miss ya, girl. Always remember - You....
Finally got the house I wanted. =)
New kitchen design.
The tower I always wanted...
What is that counter bar over me???
Great cliffs.
What's up, Doc?
The cat jumped over the moon...
Love the comet!!!
so. many. rainbows. must be trippin'...
chaos in cebarkul.
A giant Dr. Babycat lays waste to the city...
Lovely rainbow.
This room is lovely.
New favorite region! Love the sea.
Under the sea
A lovely arrangement!
ghostly glitches
Don't have my ID... should I try anyway?
Hangin' in hell with an AFK Stoot.
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