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Rest in peace, friend. (ETA - previously unpublished for the sake of privacy. Now I am inclined (with no ill will or lapse of respect!) to let people know that we lost our dear Xocd last September, right around the same time we lost Tragus. I trust their unimaginings were swift and bright, and that they've both been re-imagined by now with as much light and cleverness as they brought to us before. <3
Osiris ?
I really hate to hear that. I hope they both have peace in the afterlife
9 years ago
Thanks for publishing this, acro. If Xocd were still with us he'd be madder than hell about the closing. I like to think that the afterlife is spent in Ur and he is jumping around all the unreleased lands having a ball.
9 years ago
acro, obviously
YES! I like your vision on this, Patricia! I'd like to add that all the trades from the rube are truly good deals, radial heights is just a touch less difficult to complete with perfection, and occasionally the smuggler lets you keep the contraband. <3
9 years ago
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