Autolycus' Snaps

Farewell, Ur
Farewell, Magic Rock and Alfred, my friends.
Farewell, Home
Conucopia on the Street
I love you too, Dustbunny.
Alfred Pennyworth, you have been a loyal companion, and I am...
Finally cleaned up my house. And they said it couldn't be done.
Bye... :(
Can you trade the horse for something?
I think he's saying "The bathrooms are upstairs.", but...
See you in my NightMares, Horseman.
One more family photo. Traditional background.
Home, Sweet Home.
Magic Rock, you have earned an achievement. And that Achievement...
Okay, but just one more time.
Somewhere, out there, beneath the pale moonlight....
How do I get down?
My first time pouring a Door Drink brought me here! :)
Musing over the artwork
Greeterbot Sentry
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