dm's Snaps

It's a lake....of molten cheese!!!!
This guy's crazy
And there we have it.
I really like this new transportation system...
Indeed it is.
Chicken forgot to take off her Halloween smiley mask!
I get the strange feeling that I'm being chickens.
Now the ice hand has iMG quoin fingers...
Is it my imagination, or is this not a giant hand of ice?
Heart, comet, rainbow, people, jumpers!
Hearts, comets, and people!
This is a nice touch....
Now people are down there???
How did the Rube get down there? I think he's stuck.
And now she's gone. :(
Her headstone's already there, but so is she!
Cheek to cheek!
Floating guano?
Just a late brekky in my favorite hidden spot!
Look at the SDB above my head. Are there two things in there...
just standing aroun---AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!
Dark and scaaaarrrry
Stoot loves rhubarb pie.
Walk, walk, walkin' on Gwendolyn's head...
Trippy time
Well, that's it. All tower floors are built!
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