strawberryshortcake's Snaps

u r there because u are bad
two rooks!
new floor
new floor
well i guess u caught me plz do not tell my mom
im in the spotlight lets party
we got giants in the world!
a dead glitchen wants to eat some steak i have a knife & borad!
fish do u want a bed?
dry floor
i need to learn more said broccil!
i want my tree sloth awwwwww!
nice background!
last seven mintes of zillween!
u like everything right u like essence of the master!
rock bye bye!
moon! hello kitty needs you!
u want to come wall!
glitch train through the world!
i love this room
my floor
floor do u want to eat?
super glitch did u fart in my face!
untitled snap!
a big foot broke!
big hand say peace!
the 2 lonely peole
moonwalk train in ajaya bliss!
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