tofuchan's Snaps

end of ur party at ajaya bliss
party badge!
too many yetis heehee.
nekkidness! woohoo!
all the girls hitting on my zin ;)
omg I want salt and pepper shakers like these!!
i'm so sad I might just jump...
waaah this is so pretty.
weird glowy thing ahoy!
a little yeti in the fort...
goodbye glitch <3
and today, we have a tofuchan.
I couldn't even get all the glitchens to load. :( Will miss...
with Dusty in my tower. <3
Dusty chasing the kitty <3
oh no dusty! ;~~~;
last seconds of the feat <3
Heehee. :)
By the fireplace with Stoot.
oh no you cannot see Amp's face!
watching crafty do his thing. :>
My adorable yetis. *loves*
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