Status update

note: LOST one red and green hula hoop. circle shaped hoop made of plastic tubing. not a christmas hoop, just happens to be christmas colors. its easy to tell the difference. if you have a red and green hula hoop that's not yours, count the clockwise revolutions that the red stripe makes 3/4 of the way around the hoop, hula side up. if there are 19, you have not found my hoop, you have what we in the business call a "holiday hoop". sorry but it is one of the more common hoops a far as hula hoops go. mine of course is rare and there is a small reward. i mean besides actually seeing it. warning: you may not use it without a H.U.L.A. license and a xerox copy of your library card. no card no hula. if the library's mad at you, so am i. if you dont' return your library books on time, you can't be trusted to handle a hula hoop. sorry. so if you find it, don't use it, just call me. thanks.

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