Status update

As things come to a close, I've decided it probably makes sense to list the haunts, both new and old, to which I am defaulting in hopes of some familiar fun. If I don't count the Iron Realms MUDs (Lusternia in particular, where I believe my most recent characters, Cassowary and Minla, still exist), Mabinogi has been my home for the longest time. Find me on Mabinogi's Ruairi server under the names Vasko, Calcic, and Belasko. I'm also enjoying Antilia for its crafting and optional nonviolence. Seems they only test on weekends, but if you do manage to log on, my name there is Lhinherven and I'm some kind of fancy deer with cooking skills. On the side, I'm trying and seriously enjoying Eden Eternal (as Belasko), Milmo (also as Belasko), and I might some day return to the troll-infested mists of Aion and play with my beloved pair of Elyos, Raembeng and Minla (on the Israphael server).

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