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holy ... so many questions!

thepheebs: Will the housing quarters still remain as streets when the new houses come out even though they won't be for housing anymore? Because, if they disappear, its an awful lot less trees to harvest in Ur
A: No — quarter streets will eventually be removed. But, given that everyone will have a yard plus their own street, there will be many more streets and many more patches.

katlazam: can you tell us anything about the new street projects redesign?
A: Nope! It's a secret :)

MzMunchken: will we be getting more trophies for our cabinets
A: Well, trophies go in trophy cases (not cabinets!) and yes there will be more of them … there will be more of everything, over time. The new housing will make it much easier for people to show trophies off, as well as all kinds of other items.

Draron: Is there any plans to add a more competitive aspect to Glitch? As in, more than racing minigames?
A: There are plans to add more group- or team-based competition, but the main game is not going to take a radical shift towards the competitive.

Puzz: Are you planning on adding new quests or possibly changing the format of quests? Specifically are you likely to implement longer, more complicated or maybe serialized quests?
A: Yes, absolutely. We are working on some new quests now, but mostly in the background while the larger projects are consuming most of the team's time. However, we plan to add much longer more lore-based serialized quests along with much more interesting/challenging team-based quest-like activities.

Lorraine ?: Can we get Bunnies as a new harvestable animal?
A: Maybe!

Oristia: Will the construction of the new houses require both “imagination” and building materials such as blocks, boards and metal? If so, will they be constructed in a similar way to street projects in that required objects are listed and we then add them?
A: Short version: you'll see! Longer version: in general, your land will be expanded by spending imagination; improvements to the land will require special items and mini-projects; and your house will get larger by use of crafted materials.

Note: I'm going to skip over questions about little UI tweaks, etc., in this session. Bottom line, we are always making little changes to improve the UI and have a major overhaul planned at some point. So, if what you are asking is something that makes it more sensible, it will probably happen.

Tibbi: When will there be machines for planting/watering/harvesting in our home gardens?
A: The answer to all "when" questions is: In the future! (Things that help you produce stuff while not in the game might not be "machines", exactly).

Lorraine ?: Will we be getting any new trees (and seasoned beans to plant them)?
A: Probably. There will definitely be new resource types. We have not yet decided on the mix of trees vs things which grow in other ways (like barnacles, jellisacs, peat, rocks) vs animals.

Violet: Will we be able to have neighbours on our street with the new housing?
A: Each person will have their own street, so your neighbours' houses won't be on the same street, but you will have neighbours (of your choice) on adjacent streets. Alternate ways on clustering entrances to houses may come with group halls.

Djabriil: I'm wondering about the player-programmable NPCs that were mentioned awhile back- whether they are still on the table, what they might be used for/programmed to do, and how far off that is, theoretically
A: They are still on the table. When? "The future." For what? We'll see ... but, things like creating your own games, entertaining yourself and friends, doing routine errands.

Lorraine ?: I heard we can pick the 'theme' of our house. If that's the case, will we need a bog-themed house to have herb plots and egg plants, or will it be just for looks with no restrictions?
A: The resources and the look will be independent of each other.

katlazam: stoot, last summer, you said that something amazing beyond the deserts of nostalgia was coming in about a month. can you tell us anything more about this mysterious upcoming feature that has been tantalizing me for so long now?
A: You mean the ancient city of Abbasid? I can't tell you much about it since it is, as you say, fundamentally mysterious.

Lorraine ?: Will we be able to name our new houses, since they'll be attached to our character?
A: I think so.

Lorraine ?: When will we see new street projects?
A: In the future.

Innie: Will we ever be able to make up our own food recipes.
A: Probably not in the sense of "something which we could never have anticipated and no one else could possibly make", but we are considering a fundamentally different approach to cooking and recipes which would let people create different items based on their particular ingredients and skill level.

Queen Alcmene: are we gonna be able to add to our home ad a speedy rate or do we have to earn items to add to our home?
A: Totally depends on what you mean by "speedy", but you will have to earn/craft items to expand your home. In general, it will be easier at first and get harder as you expand.

Oristia: The frequency of Zilloween has meant that the celebration has become rather boring for people, are there plans to reduce the frequency or better still to introduce some of the other glitch special day/days?
A: There are no plans to reduce the frequency … holidays come when they come. We are planning to add more holidays though.

Tragus: Will the non-violinet, non-punshment, non-sanction aspects of the game's design remain?
A: Yes.

eelah: Will we be able to have music in our new homes
A: We don't have specific plans yet, but the music blocks were always supposed to go into a jukebox, so it will like [stoot cut off here]

Faereluth: Will the position of your home in game now have any influence on what your new home will start with?
A: No.

Oristia: You have mentioned previously that votes may soon be cast on the introduction of new animals, will these animals be a range of functional animals like pigs and chickens or will they be more like pets or will we be picking out of a mixture of both?
A: Those aren't the only possibilities, but: pets would be an entirely different feature and not what were talking about when votes came up. Hopefully, there will eventually be pets as well :)

Splendora: I love the idea of extensible, customizable housing. But I also love being associated with a region of Ur, not only because it appeals to my imagination, but also because it provides a conversational opener.  So will there be a way for me to have both?
A: Nope.

Queen Alcmene: are we gonna have both herb and regular gardens in our homes?
A: Yes.

Miel: Will new skill trees be opened when new housing begins?  Any hints what is planned for new skills?
A: There will be many new skills added, some of which will be related to housing. They aren't tightly bound together. And … no hints :)

Derkhan: will there be any aditional gameplay ascpects or story with the Rook?
A: Yes. The Rook will play a more significant role in the future.

Queen Alcmene: will there be a stopping point of how big our homes can be?
A: Yes.

Faereluth: Will there be free subscriber items to upgrade with or will there only be purchase ones, I am concerned we might lose say a roof if we allow a subscription to elapse.Related question ;-Will we ever be able to purchase subscriber free items?
A: I don't quite follow the first question, but no, you would never lose a roof or anything similar b/c of a subscription lapsing. And, no, you will never be able to purchase items which are subscription-locked-but-otherwise-free. (Sometimes items/assets change categories though, so some particular items could become purchasable, or just free, etc.)

Oristia: With sneak peeks at objects called metal makers is the possibility to make furniture not far away? If so, will this furniture be more tangible like those that are in the bog houses?
A: Furniture in the new system will be quite tangible (some items things will stack on top of each other, some you can jump on, some you can place items on top of, etc.)

Wintera: How will a player's levels work once we convert to imagination instead of XP?  Will it affect how much max energy we can have?
A: The size of your energy tank will not be tied to your level in the new system (energy tank will be a separate upgrade, using imagination). 

Faereluth: House sharing was a dream for some. Will we ever be able to unite our new homes to have one singular home shared between 2 (or more people)if Yes what happens if one person in the pair decides they wish to be solitary again.
A: You can already use keys to share homes — because splitting them up afterwards (what you're asking about in the second question) is so complicated, we probably won't ever go further than that.

Oristia: There has been mention of vendors being phased out. Will the current vendors be phased out slowly one or two at a time or items at a time or will they be replaced as a whole in one huge update?
A: As stated in the forums "we're going to be changing things in small incremental steps with extensive testing over a long period of time (as we have been for the last nine months or so, with changes to pricing, balance, vendor availability). There will be plenty of latitude for tweaking and adjusting as necessary."

BlueBetsy: are you donsidering a non-flash version (for my ipad/iphone?)
A: No. It is extremely unlikely that there will ever be a non-Flash version of the current game. But, there will more companion apps for iOS/Android, etc.

katlazam: what is the first thing that we will see from kt?  do his ideas feature heavily in the redesign?
A: He's the one behind the new progress bars and several other UI changes he proposed have either been done or are in progress. Some of his quests are in development now and more will come in the future. 

And, that's it for this session!



I'm going to start with some of the questions from last time
I'm going to skip over most of the "when will this happen" questions, questions that would take a few thousand words to answer and questions of the form "will there be more [quests/items/skills/etc.] in the future?" since the answer to the latter will almost always be "yes". 

Errata Stigmata: Will the new houses & their gardens (& how you can add to them) have any resemblance to our current ones, or will they be totally new designs.
A: Some will resemble existing designs, but there will be much more variety so most of them won’t resemble existing designs … the amount and number of variations of the furniture designs will be comparable to to the amount and variety of clothing items in the game.

Djabriil: Could we see more of the history and mythology of Ur in the future?
A: Yep.

Tragus: Currently teh "stroryline" of the Giants seems relatively sparse in eth game. How will more backstory/story be incorporated into future developements, if at all?
A: This is further off, but we have long planned a “macro-game” (as opposed to a minigame) of keeping the Giants in balance. Once we have the basics (re-)done, I suspect this will happen … special skills for oracles, more temples, higher levels of piety, etc. would be part of it.

Christine: Re: imagination being used to upgrade our characters and homes will this include decorative items? Or can they be obtained w/currants? Credits? Combo?
A: Imagination will mostly be for land. Basic furniture items and the house structure will be crafted and customizing furniture will like the avatar system (a mix of free stuff, things that come with subscriptions and some which are purchasable a la carte for credits).

arizoo: There is one thing that keeps me wondering, I hear a lot of people saying they had more fun in the early days of glitch before the big reset. And I completely agree with them, it feels like a lot of that initial magic just poofed away in a mysterious cloud, those moments that made us feel and believe this game was going to be truly awesome are probably being covered up with dust. How you feel about it? What Happened to that magic? Are you planing to bring it back?
A: As far as the game goes, I disagree — I think it will be better in the future than it is now :)  

Derkhan: will the rookist/ giantist 'conflict' become a gameplay aspect?
A: I hope so.

ugli: how can you cutomize the new house? is there things like wallpaper?
A: Yes, wallpaper. And shelves and tables and chairs and rugs and lights and paintings and many other things.

Nobbin: Question: Speeding Learning and xp/favour have always been kind of side effects of each other, through donations at shrines... so with the changes to XP/Imagination, will there still be a similar skill tree and means of speeding things up through a bit of effort.? Will Shrines still be about for donations or is that side of things changing as well?
A: There will still be shrines and they will continue to function in a similar way for the foreseeable future. We are likely to replace the Better Learning Skills with a set of character upgrades.

wuilyl: ok, my question is, will the reward for badges, that give exp be change to imaginatioin?
A: Yes — in general, everything that gives XP now will give imagination in the future. You can think of XP, in the terms of the new system, as "the total amount of imagination you have earned since you started playing" (as opposed to the current balance of imagination you will have to spend at a given time).

koolaroo: Will you over be able to pay for things other than clothing and your head?
A: You will be able to pay for additional furniture customizations and other customizations to locations you control, you lucky players!

daniel5457 and Qizara and a dozen other people: What will happen to the stuff in our house when the housing changes?
A: It will be moved for you.

Palindrome: Do staff ever read the IDEAS forum? I know they read the General and Bugs... but I never see staff post in Ideas. Could you please ask staff to actaully post, if they already do?
A: Yes. And, yes.

arizoo: Will we be able to open our own store in game?
A: Most likely is having your own vendor or vending machine in a market space. Stores that people actually go into as separate locations probably won't happen.

Mystify: With Vendors being phased out in the future, will party packs become craftable???
A: !!! There will be game-run NPC vendors for all things that are not craftable by players. I don't think the current party packs will ever be craftable by players, but hopefully players will be able to "craft" (in the real sense — *design*) there own locations to use in party-like contexts.

miachia_FS: will we still have the same limit of how many animals you can have in you home before it becomes crowded? Or will you be able to have more as your house extends?
A: The rules are already based on the size of the location. As it gets bigger, your land will accommodate more animals.

IndigoRainbow: Will we ever be able to repeat quest? Like the new Alpha Blocks?
A: Yes, but for quests that are specifically designed for it, not just any quest. Things like the Letterblock quests are good candidates.

Verðandi: Will apartments still exist? If so, will they be customizable, as well? Any possibility of luxury apartments?
A: There are no plans for apartments as a housing type (though it possible that you'll be able to create something apartment-like with group halls).

Shepherdmoon: Will the animals "talk" to us again like they did in first beta, giving us snippits of Ur's history and details into their personalities? (I really miss that)
A: Yes. It was taken out because it needed to be overhauled in a pretty major way, not because we don't want to do it.

Jasmina: The transcript mentions us already having keys to friends' houses -- is it definite that house keys will remain in the game as they are now?
A: Yes. But it is not definite at all that they will never change after that. We might add some complexity to make them more flexible.

Rapture: Will there be more uses for Blockmaking/Engineering skills and their products?
A: Yes!

Saiai: Will you ever have a chat system that's avaiable both in and out of game? For those who just wnat to hang and chat with friends, but not necessarily play.
A: I hope so, but … that one's a little complicated. 

serenitycat: WHEN the next great reset occurs- will the game have to close fora aperiod of time tyo modify servers ???
A: Who says there will be a great reset? And: very few changes to our servers require closing the game.

MrVolare: Will we ever be able to have any of our badges ans titles after our name?
A: I doubt we would make the titles out of the badges, but we are considering adding titles to the game.

koolaroo: will you every make inigrated voice chat in glitch?
A: Never say never, but there's a 99% chance we won't do that. We might make it easier for people who want to voice chat to hook up with each other via Skype or some other outside means though.

Palindrome: Will GOLs be easily created (like one person wtih imagination) or will multiple people in group have to come together?
A: GOLs (Group Owned Locations) will require many people to come together (though I s'pose one extremely rich individual could act as a benefactor and put up most of the resources).

Vastra: Are higher level players in any way disadvantaged with the advent of imagination? (e.g., since we've done the levelling up / quests we won't have an opportunity to earn that imagination, unless XP converts to imagination somehow)
A: No — there will be credit for what's already been accomplished. XP will convert to imagination. 

Banyan: Will we be able to walk faster with character upgrades, will there be an upper limit on the energy bar for character upgrades?
A: Yes, you will be able to walk faster. And we don't think there will be fixed limit for how big the energy tank can get. 

SeerQueen: Will we be spending Imagination for wardrobe and vanity items?
A: No.

Odracir: Is there a limit to our imagination?  If our house are only so expandable, will we be able imagine in the greater Ur?
A: Eventually, players will be able to use imagination to create public or semi-public spaces (as well as their own personal locations and group locations.)

Pascale: Are any of the home furnishing items player-creatable (wallpaper, painting), and can they be traded/sold?
A: At first thing will not be player designed in the way I think you mean. But, some of that will happen eventually. And, they will be able tradable and sellable.

Rapture: Would it be wise to try to level up faster now in preparation to have more options when the changes come?
A: Don't bother trying to change what you do in the game to anticipate future changes. You are likely to have wasted your time :)

Wundur: Are there any plans to create a mechanism to allow user-created quests to become a part of the game in more than an informal way?
A: Yes, but this is much, much more complicated than it seems. See this article and some of its links for the reasons:

scarette: Will there be some new use for emblems in the future?  Once we've made all the icons, they still keep flooding in. I do realize they can speed new skills but what a waste of a 3K favor emblem!!!
A: Eventually, when a given player has exhausted the utility of making emblems, I think they will just stop making them.

Xael: Will you guys implement a tracking system for achievements so we can see that we have cooked x number of dishes out of a set max etc.?!?
A: Possibly!!! But we might leave that to the developer communty!!!!!!!!!!

natsumi: Continuing Salai's question regarding chat: an in game option to tell people your current status (ie. Available/ Busy/Asocial/AFK pls do not be offended if I don't reply.) Something liek a status message they can hover over and see/ indicators. Can or will such a sytem be implemented?
A: It could be. And, it might be — actually hadn't thought of IM status messages, but it is a good idea!

Pirate Apples: What are character upgrades?
A: Things like a bigger energy tank, new jumping skills, perks/bonuses for specific skills, a bigger brain capacity …

Negata: will mood be tied to energy in the new system? or take on a new purpose? right now, having a lower mood is beneficial to higher.
A: We haven't made the final decision yet, but it is most likely that mood and energy will be tied together. I think the second part of the question got cut off or something, but having higher mood is always better, assuming one wants more XP (now) or more imagination (in the future) since a better mood gives you bonuses and a crappy mood reduces the amount you get.

KitchWitch: will we be able to have pets, other than livestock? Like cats and dogs? :)
A: Pets are very likely to happen "someday".

Fin: Would it be possible to let us queue for GoC (or any future minigames) from an option in the UI, instead of from a certain location? The way it is now, it's pretty hard to get a game going.
A: Agreed: the way it "works" right now doesn't realy work. We have a lobby system planned.

Kaumo: Is there ever going to be actual weather?
ronin elf: can we have not only weather but night time too? it gets weird seeing it all sunny and its 1AM..
A: Weather, time-of-day and seasons were all planned from the very beginning. But, we never did them and the longer we go without having done them, the harder they are to do. So, I have no idea now if they will ever happen (but I still have some hope!)

lyra: Since housing is being released later than expected, can you add a level so those at level 60  can do future quests without losing any benefits, otherwise there is no point in  doing  them yet.
A: We are unlikely to do any one-off work that is amounts to a temporary hack to the old system. Which means that level 60s will be stuck at level 60. However, though we have no surveyed the level 60s, I suspect most of them will still want a bit of game to play after the switch, rather than just switch over and be all done right away ;)

SlimeNose the Erst: will there be more/more complicated streets or instances coming out in the future? (like puzzle/maze streets or trickier versions of Mada Tamaha)
A: Yes. Group-based co-op puzzle and challenge levels are in the works. I believe that they will be awesome (and a better way to earn imagination than making recipes over and over then donating to shrines … but that's just one person's opinion). 

And, we're done .... 
only 1,437 questions did not get answered
so, that's pretty good ... got to at least 0.6% of them!!!! 
if we do this 9 times per day for the next 43 months, we'll be all set
however, that means I won't be able to work on Glitch for ... hmmm ... almost 4 more years!
that will make it 2016 :(
oh well ... when I said "8 weeks" a while ago, I really meant to say 193 weeks
carry on and thanks for all the questions!!

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  • Im posting this here so i won't forget it, but u can always answer it ;D

    Are we going to get our pets from trees? like little dragon pet, borns in a special tree that can only be found in a dangerous place?
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  • Thank you for the transcript Lx, & thank you to my fellow Glitchens for their questions, & thank you to Blanky & Stoot & to the TS-Glitch team for organising these Q & A-sessions & for striving to answer to a maximum of the questions asked, & thank you for everything else anyone might have been forgotten to be thanked for!
    I feel pleased to be part of the Glitch experiment / experience, & i'm looking forward to the changes!
    Kind regards. ^^
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  • just want to make another post like Leila's. I am extremely impressed with this game, the creativity of the design, and the dedication of the staff to the players. you are quickly making me into an addict!

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  • "some items things will stack on top of each other, some you can jump on, some you can place items on top of, etc."
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  • thanks to everyone ;)
    Also - Please let me know if anyone sees an answer to this question asked my others and myself : :
    Will we get ANY RELIEF from the energy and mood drain when we are just in game socializing and chatting with friends ?
    Many times I like to hang out with friends and chat - but it's difficult to do this when constantly getting drained of energy/mood.
    WIll we get a skill or a potion or a , say , a couch in our house, or bar stools in a group hall- or SOMETHING that will enable us to chat and be friendly without penalty???
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  • +1 Serenitycat  Bar stools is an awesome idea, have you put it in that part of the forums? I'm going to go look now! and if we cant have them, maybe an instance called The Tavern or something, thats accessible from anywhere/when (except death) that doesnt have energy/mana drain in it, so we can hang in chat, with out it getting crowded and bogging down everyones game....... so going to the ideas forum now. :D
        LX, you ROCK (again)
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  • One thing I don't think anybody asked, what about our gnomes? Won't anybody think of the poor gnomes?
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  • Not specifically Glitch related, but I did like that Ruby Slippers article that was mentioned. Glitch seems a little less susceptible to min-maxing since it's goals tend to be less strictly defined, although to say that that attitude is completely absent would be foolish. I'm keen to see the Glitch approach to things like that though.
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  • @Tomio: I've been concerned about the gnomes too! I think it's really fun to walking along the neighborhood streets and hearing what people's gnomes are saying. It doesn't sound like that is going to be an easy thing to do any more. If so.... D`:
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  • I found that article sort of sad.  Eliminating user-generated quests all together in order to avoid customer service and PR hassles, rather than just limiting the quests' possible rewards and approving the quests ahead of time, is throwing the baby out with the bath water, especially in a "sandbox" setting.  The fact that most players will only make simple quests is irrelevant in an arena where the developer-created quests are all simple.
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  • Thanks for compiling this, Lx.

    I really appreciate Stoot's answer to the question about level 60s being "behind."  There are only 91 level 60s (congratulations Silky!) and so speaking for 1.1% of the level 60 community, I completely agree that I don't want to feel like I'm done as soon as the new changes are implemented.

    If there is one thing that has bothered me about the game since I hit level 60 it was that every time something new came out I was done with it right away.  New quests get done the day they come out, new skills get queued up and learned immediately and their products are rapidly tested.  I'm really looking forward to a change that will give me new things to grow and develop.

    (And Stoot, I 100% agree with you that crafting a zillion things and throwing them in shrines is not the most fun way to earn imagination - please make sure the numbers work so it is not by far the optimal way.  I am going to keep donating massive quantities no matter what, but I don't want everyone else to feel like they have to as well)
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  • So, was Stoot ribbing us when he was talking about the ancient city of Abbasid? ::bump::
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