Feedback on Glitch

This is day three of being involved with Glitch, and I'd like to start giving some feedback.

Firstly, I'd like to say that I'm enjoying the game.  I've found that there's a lot more to the game than just milking butterflies, nibbling pigs and hugging trees ;)

The game mechanics are easy to learn, albeit a bit overwhelming with all of the items you can pick up along the way. 

The fact that you can speed through a "street" (what are they called in Glitch?) by clicking on a sign on the mini-map is not explained that I saw - I found out by accident, and it's an awfully nice option to use!  I don't recall seeing anything about how to use the map to see what kind of vendor is on each street, either.

I would like to see all of the tips that we see as we log into the world listed in one place - it would be nice to run through the list to see what I'm missing (I'm betting there is such a place, but an easy-to-find link for us newbies would be nice - especially for those who don't visit the forums).

Spelling alert - in the explanation for Martial Imagination, self-defence should be self-defense (not a "c"!)

I've spotted other spelling errors (in item descriptions), but I assumed they were meant to be puns (intended misspellings).  Should I start documenting them?

Please give us e-mail alert options!!  My mail box has been overwhelmed with incoming mail from Tiny Speck!!  I'd like the option to turn on/off notifications for having learned a skill (I'd leave that one on when I'm researching the higher-level items, but early on it would be nice to turn it off) and for friending (I'd rather see that info when I log on to Glitch - my poor inbox is overflowing!!)

Surely other players have mentioned this... Most people I know would consider the constant emails spam, and would surely unsubscribe from Glitch out of disgust.  I'm not saying I'm one of those people, don't get me wrong, but I have a lot of friends/acquaintances who would be impatient about this matter, so please add the option before you go live!

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  • I assume you haven't found this page yet?
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  • defence with a c is the British spelling, so technically it's still correct, but I am not sure if TS has a preference for British or American spelling.
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  • When I first started, I too was somewhat annoyed with the constant emails. At that level though, you learn new things in a matter of minutes or hours, so all the emails can seem excessive. However, once you get more skills, having email notifications to let you know when you're done learning a skill is like a gift from the Giants!
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  • Oh, learn something new every day!  I knew they were using British spelling, just didn't realize that "defense" was spelled with a "c" there!

    And no, I did not see the preferences page (thanks!)  I looked for one under my Profile, but couldn't find it. *^_^*  Where does one go to find it?  That would be good information for newbies to know :)
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  • You can find the preferences page under "Accounts", which is next to the Log out button at the top right of any page that isn't the game.
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    So glad to see you here!! (shuttlegrannyjo here)

    You can turn off all or some of the e-mails you are getting by setting your preferences via your account (up top, to the right, next to your name)

    Friended you and hope you have as much fun here as I do!

    LOL...Millie beat me to it
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  • Shuttlegrannyjo!  Squee~!!  So good to see youuuu~!!

    It's so good to connect with old (FS) friends!

    I see the Account button now, but I kept looking for it under the Profile page, which would explain why I couldn't find it :p
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  • It's my understanding that some of the Tiny Speck development team is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and we use British/Canadian spellings here, so expect to see words like defence, neighbour, colour and maybe someday even theatre, while you're playing the game. 

    They're not typos, just how we spell stuff in this part of the world. 
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  • Except favor, eh?
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  • It is how we spell words in Australia and New Zealand too, and tbh it is actually a lovely change to see a game using the British spelling...favor/favour aside.  Although, I realise (as opposed to realize) that most games are made in America, and therefore carry that spelling. 
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  • There's an in-game help channel, btw, where you can usually get your questions answered and concerns addressed quickly (if they can be resolved by giving you more information, like the ones in your post).

    With team members in multiple places and with varied origins, a mix of US and British spelling isn't surprising.
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  • Not really questions, feedback. Inspiration for another Parsley Poem - mugs and t shirts available soon ;-)

    Glitchen are from all over the place
    designers and players of every race
    Comments can be very telling
    not everyone uses the same spelling
    If you have a desire to know
    there are places you can go
    ask the staff or in the forum
    (but please be posting with decorum)
    Make pronouncements in a rush
    and it just might be your turn to blush
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  • Oh, nice poem, I love it!  Excellent!
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  • I'd imagine being a Canadian company the spelling would be Canadian aka British english.
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  • Since I haven't seen it mentioned here, I just wanted to check to be sure you knew about Glitch Strategy and the Glitch Wiki - both player maintained with no connection to, but approved of by, Tiny Speck.  Every imaginable question is answered in these, but they are full of spoilers, so don't spend too much time there if you want to discover stuff for yourself!  Happy Glitching!
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  • Thanks for the linking, Hawkwell! Just FYI, most of the Glitch Strat blog posts have the spoilers in larger quests hidden by default ;)
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  • BTW, Hburger, I believe the crabato juice simply doubles your returns :) My understanding is that a happy crab usually awards 2,000c and a crabato-y, happy crab awards an astounding 4,000c for your efforts! This also fits with the observed maximum profits with and without crabato juice for non winning songs. The max without, IE the second least heard block, seems to be about 650c, while with the juice it seems to be around 1,300c.

    A very nice return on a 50c can of juice!
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  • Too much to know to tell you everything when you enter the game.  As A Greeter I always want to tell everything I think is important but it really is too much and most of would be forgotten anyway.  If the new player takes time to speak to me and ask questions, I can tell them a lot of things they may not want to know - Lol!  I am way too talky!

    My best advice for new players is for them to try everything, click on everything, investigate everything!  I have been here since last March and I am still discovering things!  Join a few Groups and ask questions in their Forums.  Get Help from Live Help Chat or ask in Global Chat.  Later you can ask in your Group Chats.  Several months ago I started a Thread for new Players but it has been locked due to disuse.  It's my fault, I should have posted at least once a week.  We do not have sticky posts here so even the Devs' posts eventually disappear into the blackness of pages 2 -?  That on Thread?  Try searching for "Primer".  That might bring it back from the Black Hole it fell into but you won't be able to post in it.

    Also, check the Encyclopedia (link up top!)  and the Glitch Wiki for information.

    I hope that you continue to enjoy "Glitch" and have a great time making many new discoveries!
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  • @Liza
    Or a 0c can of juice if you flatter and hug a crab to get it
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  • It's still worth 50c :P Well, technically 40c. As you could sell to the tool vendor instead of using it on the crabs :P
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  • Thanks for the links, all - they're VERY helpful! :D
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