Butt-Scratch: Now With Pictures!

Ok face it - we've all fallen victim to the involuntary butt-scratch in public. Picture the scene: 

There you are on Bishop's Arch after the defeating the Rook, hanging out, swapping swashbuckling tales of derring-do, doling out Random Kindnesses between bringing the local flora and fauna back from the nearly-dead. The Glitch-crush of your dreams has given you the sweetest kiss and you are about to wrap your arms around them in a bear-hug when it happens. Instead of a hug your hand moves backwards of it's own accord and gives your butt a hearty hello. 

But do we shy away from this? Do we try and cover it up and pretend that it never happened? Au contraire! We embrace it as a part of our Glitchenly life! Not only do we acknowledge it, we snapshot the hell out of it and post it right here in this thread!

So dust off your eyeballs, get your cameras ready and add your butt-scratch photos here.

Here is my "pick":  Prospecting in Kottima Cast

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  • You're just making sure that your crush didn't lift your wallet from your back pocket.
    Posted 6 years ago by glum pudding Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'm sorry, I couldn't help it

    also, this
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  • I can't resist this thread because of my capture of just such a moment months ago, in the wild:

    staff buttscratch
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  • yes, it's hilarious!! even in situations like this!! lol
    Posted 6 years ago by mira gaia maia Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I love your scenario thar! Very well put, sadly, I could not find any glitch-arse-scratching photos in my archives. But,  I do have and pelvic thrust, some no pants Glitchmas glitches, and a little something for Zille-o-ween.
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  • Pictures, hell, I got video.

    I made a little video for jessypie's underground birthday dance party.*

    Everyone else dances. I? I itch my butt.

    *I would say don't ask, but what that means is: camera on tripod pointed at screen. Laaame. I know.
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  • TOTAL LOL AGLET!!!!!! 
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  • I took a whole bunch of screenshots for our pantless Glitch subway ride. Which is the one that got over 1000 views? The one where I'm screwing up my face and scratching my arse. The fact that Geeze and Ori also have an itch is no consolation. Pshaw.
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  • Haha!
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  • Damn these Glitchy pants ain't half itchy!
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  • what really weirds me out is when my glitch engages in syncronized butt scratching when mining with some stranger.
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