Giant love from icons thinner on the ground?

Purely apocryphal observation, but it seems that my icons aren't quite as frequently spitting out giant love as they were. Could just be a bad observation, or the odds have changed. Anyone else notice this?

I keep my tithes up to date, revere them when I can, but nothing else...

...though I did notice that once, when I was trying to sync the tithings (you can't), that even the un-tithed would still spit out the Love. As is observed below, they're wacky!

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  • They only spin out favor when you tithe them and they do not require a tithe. The more they do not require a tithe and bigger your tithe, the more favor you get. So tithing then tithing again right away will get you more favor then tithing, revering, tithing.
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  • I haven't tithed for 6 weeks and still get Giant Love regularly.
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  • Loki--I've noticed the giant love comes in spurts. The past few days they've been bestowing a ton of favor and xp every time i walk past, all while whining that a tithe is due.  Last week I couldn't get any giant love to save my life!
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  • me too. these things r wack! always wanting money...they r like kids! reflect, reflect, reflect!
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  • @Palindrome... my bad... I should have said Giant Love. I was imprecise. Will edit title.
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  • Hm. I do the same as you, Loki, and I noticed last night that they were being particularly (and uncharacteristically) generous with their bestowments. 

    And Soupie's "giant love spurts"... heh heh heh. We are all 12.
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  • Having just 3 icons, could someone explain to me the basics? How do you know when titheing is needed, what difference does titheing make, what happens if you do not tithe or do so infrequently, etc? Thanks
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  • If you just walk past them and receive the random "giant love" and do not use the menu commands, you do not ever need to tithe.  If you use the icon's options (revere, reflect &c), after a few uses the icon will pop up a text bubble saying a tithe is due, and you will not be able to choose any other menu option til you have done so.  You can ignore the text, but it will appear every time the icon is on screen, which can be annoying.  :)
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  • I have 4 giant loves today so far...haven't noticed a decreased at all :)  I have all 11 shrines!
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